Saving the contents of a text window:

Select Text dump in the pop-up menu of the `Paper' window.

A new window appears:

The Directory box lists the current directory in which the text file is to be saved. You can change this directory by clicking on its name, deleting it and typing in a new name, or just by double-clicking on the desired directory name in the list of available directories.

The File box contains the name of the output file (in this case, `object' by default).

* Click on the File box and delete object. Type paper instead as the output file name.

* Press <return> to save the information (you may need to press it twice).

ACeDB notifies you that the contents of the window were saved as a text file in your area. In this case, the name of the file is `paper.txt' (ACeDB adds the `.txt' automatically).

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