Starting up:

The exact procedure to start up ACeDB depends on the way the program was set up on your system. If you are not sure, ask your local system administrator.

*Start up ACeDB.

ACeDB initially opens two windows: a main selection window labelled ACEDB (followed by a version number) and a Main Keyset window:

The main selection window lists the various classes of data available, that is, the main types of information stored in the database. The members of the currently selected class are listed in the Main Keyset window. By default, the Map class is automatically selected when ACeDB is first started: the word Map is highlighted in the main window. Since in the C. elegans database, the genetic maps are organized on a chromosome basis, the C. elegans chromosomes are listed in the Main Keyset window.

The main window also contains a `message box' where the program displays various messages. At the moment the word `Ready' appears in this box.

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