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    The presence of the spliced leader RNA at the 5' end of all Leishmania transcripts has facilitated the construction of cDNA libraries containing high proportions of full-length molecules; libraries constructed from different developmental stage s of L. major have been used for sequencing. The strategy of random partial sequencing of cDNA clones to generate ESTs is not only a rapid method of gene identification, but provides a source of hybridisation markers that aid the construction of p hysical maps necessary for genomic sequencing.
    To date, 5' DNA sequences from a total of 527 Leishmania major ESTs have been submitted to dbEST and lodged in the LGN database LeishDB. The fi rst 268 sequences were submitted to the database by the Cambridge laboratory [Levick et al., 1996: Mol. Biochem. Parasitol. 76: 345-348], while virtually all other sequences have come from one of the Brazilian LGN laboratories. The LGN-agreed target is to generate a minimum of 1500 new sequences for Leishmania. ESTs are deposited in dbEST as they are generated, enabling rapid and easy access by the international research community.
    Approximately 30% of the new sequences have been assigned a putative identity based on significant similarity scores obtained by the basic local alignment search tool (BLAST). Around 10% show identity to ribosomal protein sequences, the remainder to a ra nge of genes involved in diverse cellular functions. The remaining 20% or so are NOVEL.
    Sequencing from log and metacyclic promastigote (Belem, Brazil), and amastigote (Cambridge, UK) cDNA libraries is continuing.


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